The STE(A)M Team

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Program Director

Domenic Liggett

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Artist in Residence

Keith Devries

Maker Mentor

Jamera Jones

AmeriCorps Maker VISTA Member

Nadia Liggett

Maker Mentor


Lincoln McMeen

Maker Mentor

Mike Mooney

Maker Mentor


Artist in Residence

Ukejeh "U.K." Musa

Maker Mentor


Mike Stasny

Artist in Residence


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Scientist in Residence

It’s been a long and winding road from a B.A. in International Relations and with a minor in sculpture from Connecticut College to Tinkerer in Residence with STE(A)M Truck for Andy.  He’s held various careers developing interactive training programs for the military, government, and working as a project manager and corporate trainer. Other than the inclusion of some light “Hazardous Material” the common thread between all his careers have been applying his love of learning and teaching.   “There is nothing more exciting that putting a skill or concept to use troubleshooting an issue or passing that knowledge on to someone else.” Andy feels that he gravitates to working with children "Because I’m just a big kid at heart.” He enjoys rousing conversations about sci-fi, superheroes, comic books, LEGO and can’t believe we live in a time when Batroc the Leaper shared screen time with Captain America.  His pride and joy are his children. Watching them “train to be Amazons” fills him with immense pride.  Now more than ever, he feels it’s a good time to be a geek.


Tinkerer in Residence