Three-Day Build


Dive into 21st century skill sets with a Three-Day Build. STE(A)M Truck staff work with students over successive visits on meaningful builds designed cultivate knowledge and hands-on skills. Successful completion leads to a badge, and a tangible product from each group.

  • Three hours onsite serving 25 youth per hour.  

  • Suited for students in grades 3 and up; contact us to discuss opportunities for younger students

  • Safety, supervision, and support from our staff allows each student to use tools and take ownership of a project over multiple sessions

  • Students have the opportunity to earn one or more skill badges, highlighting their learning

Three-Day Builds

Below are some of our exciting Builds.  Please contact us to determine your best Build. 


Learn how to solder and create products for use in your classroom, from a mini-weather station to flashlights!

Focus Area: Electronics

CARDBOARD Arcade Challenge

Design and build a unique and challenging arcade/midway style game using a variety of tools but only cardboard and duct tape!

Focus Areas: Design Thinking, Architecture

Stop Motion Animation

Write, produce, and showcase a short stop-motion animation film.

Focus Area: Media-Making

Social Justice Stencil Art

Learn about the illusive artist Banksy, then design and create your own laser-cut stencils to create powerful social justice messages in street art.

Focus Area: Media-Making

Woodworking Creation

Plan, design, and execute a woodworking project of your choosing. Apply principles of measurement

Focus Area: Craftsmanship  

Cardboard Chair Challenge

Design and create a cardboard chair that holds your teacher - without glue or tape! 

Focus Areas: Design Thinking, Architecture

Custom Build

What makes STEAM meaningful and relevant for your students and teachers? We love coming up with new and innovative ways to bring STEAM to schools. Let us partner with you to create a custom 3 Day Build for your school. 



A Three-Day Build includes up to nine hours of hands-on programming, serving up to three classes of students. If desired, we can serve more classes and more students per day.Each additional hour onsite is $150. 

Additional materials fee may apply for class sizes over 25 students. 

Fee includes travel up to 15 miles/30 mins from Decatur, GA. Additional mileage and driver costs apply for travel outside this radius.

+ additional materials fees may apply for this build; contact us to discuss 

Please read our cancellation policy here