The STE(A)M Truck Maker Cart

We believe that we play a vital role for many schools, helping them shift their STEAM and Maker Education into the next gear, but the impact that we have doesn't end when we drive away. We aim to have a lasting impact on the schools that we work with, so in addition to the followup support and coaching that we provide after our 20 Day program, we leave you with the literal tools to succeed. Our 20 Day Program includes a loaded Maker Cart, outfitted with all of the essentials. If you would like to supplement your cart with additional tools, we've made that easy and offer a variety of themed Maker Tubs and the Multiple Work Stations package for purchase. Even if you haven't chosen to book a 20 Day Program with us, we still offer Maker Carts for purchase.


Maker CART


Designed by STEAM Truck’s team of expert makers, Maker Carts include the basic tools needed for your school’s own mobile makerspace. Teachers will be able to bring the Maker Cart to their classrooms for a wide variety of hands-on, minds-on projects to enhance student learning and creativity.

The Maker Cart includes the following tools:

• Dremel scrollsaw

• Cordless drill

• Drill bit set

• Hammers

• Quick clamps


• Pull saws

• Measuring tapes

• Adjustable wrench

• Philips and standard screwdriver kit

• Pliers set

• Exacto knives

• Hot glue guns

• Safety goggles

• First aid kit


Maker Tubs

$500 each

Introduce or enhance students’ knowledge of 3D printing, circuitry, robotics, and soldering using STEAM Truck Maker Tubs. Maker Tubs accompany Maker Carts and are designed for students grades 3-8 to inspire a passion for STEAM knowledge, skills and careers.

3D Printing

• 3D Printer

• PLA filament

• Blue tape for printing PLA

• Glue sticks for printing PLA

• Digital caliper

• Putty knife

• Mini pliers


• littleBits kit

• Makey Makey

• Snap circuits kit

• Squishy circuits kit


• Soldering

• Tool kit

• Helping hands

•  Tip cleaner and holder

• Electronics guidebooks

• Multimeter


• 37 sensor kit

• Arduino robot kit

• Multimeter

• Programming Arduino guidebook

• Robot building guidebook



Multiple Work stations


By adding the option for multiple workstations, teachers will be able to easily assign group projects and split students into six groups with identical toolboxes, or divvy up the tools to create different work stations for different projects. The additional tools will allow an entire class of students to work on the same project at the same time.

The Multiple Work Stations package includes:

• Toolboxes

• Cordless drill

• Hammers

• Quick clamps

• Pliers set


• Measuring tapes

• Adjustable wrench

• Consumables (tape, glue, nails, and screws)

• Philips and standard screwdriver

• Small vacuum

• Gloves & smocks