How Do I Get Started with NFC?

We've compiled a few resources as a starting point for setting up NFC technology in your classroom. Check them out below. Some of these articles specify particular products. Keep in mind that generally, NFC tags, sticks, fobs, etc. are all very similar no matter the brand. It might be a bit of a learning curve, but a technology like this has the potential to take much of the legwork out of some daily, routine tasks.

Important side note: While most Apple devices have NFC technology, so far they do not allow users to make use of it (they use it exclusively for Apple Pay. You'll likely need to use Android devices).


What is NFC and How Does it work?

This article/video from Android Authority provides a high level overview of NFC and goes on to explain some of the science behind NFC. It also lays out some comparisons between NFC and Bluetooth/WiFi.


How to use programmable NFC tags with your android phone

Check out this HowToGeek article which lays out a high-level 'how-to' on setting up NFC tags with an Android phone.


How to program NFC tags with your android Device

This very short video from gives a quick tutorial of the NFC Task Launcher App, another one of many potential apps to program your NFC tags.



NFC Today answers some frequently asked questions.