It Sounds Great, But I Need Ideas!

Of course the technology sounds exciting, but if you're going to jump the hurdle of introducing a new technology into the classroom, you'll want to make sure you've got plenty of ideas to make the most of it. Start here with these resources we've put together. 


HOW to use NFC to engage your foreign students

Set up as a sort of scavenger hunt, Central College in Nottingham created interactive posters with crowd-sourced definitions of nearby objects (language outside the classroom in a contextualized way!). 


Near field communication in the classroom

These ideas don't come directly from a teacher, but that's what STE(A)M Truck is all about - collaborative communities! This author provides a couple clever starting points that could work in your classroom. 



There are quite a few companies that are jumping on this new technology and they're marketing products that seek to provide a complete, ready-made package for teachers. For some teachers, it's exactly what they need. While STE(A)M Truck doesn't endorse a particular product, RedCritter Teacher seems to come up a lot so it's worth mentioning. They incorporate badges, wearable tech, skill tracking, etc. Check it out and see if it's right for you.