NFC in the Classroom

Near Field Communication enables short range communication between compatible devices. You may have heard of NFC payments (tap to pay). If you've taken the self-guided tour of the STE(A)M Truck platform, you used NFC enabled tablets to learn about our various tools, materials, and vehicles. There's a lot of potential for NFC use in the classroom. We've had a number of teachers and administrators ask for more guidance and resources, so we've put this page together. Here you'll find a variety of resources, tips and tricks that can help you make the most out of NFC!

nfc phone.png


In short, you'll need a transmitting device (NFC enabled phone), a receiving device (NFC tag), and some sort of content. Using one of many NFC apps, you'll be able to program tags to perform a variety of tasks. Follow the link to find some helpful resources.  

It sounds great, but I need ideas!

There are endless possibilities. Students could be awarded badges or have their attendance tracked, you could set up a daily routine of 'do-now' activities that students complete on their own phones, or go ahead and take a page out of our book and have self-guided stations with NFC enabled tablets. Check out some of the resources below for more ideas.