Spark Day

$1750* Full Day

$1000* Half Day

Our Spark Days provide teachers and students of all ages an exciting opportunity to engage with each aspect of STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math - in a fast-paced, hands-on, festival-style atmosphere.

  • Serves up to 125 students during a school day (between 15-25 students per hour). Note: more youth could be served but only if we shorten the time spent on STE(A)M Truck.

  • Students traverse five hands-on activity stations in small groups

  • Meet scientists, artists, engineers, and makers from your community

  • See a range of tools and technologies - from 3D printers to CNC routers - on board our innovative mobile makerspace

  • We provide grade-specific standards-aligned activity packets for classroom use to augment experience


We offer a variety of Spark Day themes to give your students a taste Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Let us know if one sparks your interest. 

Disruptive Technologies

How do innovators and inventions disrupt the way we work and play? With your crew, experiment, tinker, and build your way through five STEAM stations to explore and discover disruptive innovations in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.


Survivor Island

Can your crew put STEAM into action to survive on a desert island? Learn about the science of water filtration, engineer a shelter to stay safe and dry, devise a high-tech device to signal for rescuers, and more! 

Eco Challenge

How do we use STEAM to reduce landfill waste, clean up oil spills, create eco-friendly products, and practice more sustainable living? Tinker, play, and learn about everything from renewable energy to creative reuse as your crew works together to help save the earth. 

Custom Spark

What makes STEAM meaningful and relevant for your students and teachers? We've designed Spark Days to celebrate the 100th Day of School, Pi Day, Women in STEAM, and more. Let us partner with you to create a custom Spark Day for your community. 



The Nuts and Bolts

Fee includes travel up to 15 miles/30 mins from Decatur, GA. Additional mileage and travel costs apply for travel outside this radius.

Full day Spark includes up to 5 hours on site, plus 1.5 hours for set up and break down. If desired, we can serve more classes and more students per day. Additional fees apply for longer engagements. Half day Spark includes up to 3 hours on site, plus 1.5 hours for set up and break down.

Please read our cancellation policy here