2017 was an incredible year. This year we plan on DOUBLING the number of students we see, increasing the effectiveness of our programming, and ensuring all of our students leave STE(A)M Truck loving learning. Curious to see the impact we've made over the years?

WhaT IS STE(A)M Truck?

STE(A)M Truck is the hugely innovative, results-producing, award-winning program from Community Guilds designed to help eliminate inequities and catalyze transformation.  We are a growing fleet of mobile makerspaces wrapped around a dense, multi- faceted curriculum that is designed to pull kids, and their teachers, out of their comfort zones and have them see their awesome potential. 

We do two things really well. 

1. We give kids an opportunity to get their hands dirty and make things.

2. We empower teachers to continue this work once we drive away. 


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Jason, our Executive Director,  talks about the importance of this work in his TEDX talk "Teaching Outside the Box" in the video below.

Why do we do it?

According to the 2015 NAEP (considered the Nation's Report Card), after 13 years of public schooling, less than 40% of students are ready for college and career success.   The research is clear.  Access to hands-on building, tinkering, and the kinds of curriculum offered through STE(A)M Truck can increase access to STEM careers and build the skills critical for long term success. However, the tools, expertise, and time needed to utilize these types of strategies are usually unavailable in public schools, and especially so in public schools serving low income communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to close opportunity gaps and provide lifelong opportunities by transforming teaching and learning through an experiential maker approach that brings together youth and adult learners within collaborative communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is that through formal and informal educational experiences, K-12 youth throughout the U.S. will have equitable access to transformative and inspiring learning experiences that open doors for future life opportunities.



Our work is based on research indicating that a) memorable hands-on experiences predict interest in STEM, b) children in poverty tend to have fewer opportunities to engage in such experiences, and c) lack of informal education opportunities for children in poverty is a predictor of the achievement gap.



With our innovative and groundbreaking model, STE(A)M Truck provides ongoing technical support, professional development and guidance during the entire 20 day program.  We align our Builds with a teacher's curriculum and ensure our work still shapes the classroom long after we drive away.



STE(A)M Truck is a platform that allows the broader community to directly, and authentically, work with teachers and students. And by providing maker mentor and teacher artist opportunities and stipends, we cultivate and grow local talent.  Lastly, we use our mobile platform to "seed" maker hubs at schools, libraries, recreation centers and other public spaces.


How is it going so far?

Based on assessment prior to and following a variety of STE(A)M Truck engagements, we've seen some exciting results!