Janelle is a 3rd grade student at a West Atlanta public school

In the video below, Janelle describes her Big Build. The Big Build is a final project for the students, one where they get to delve into a build and see a larger-scale project from beginning to end.

Her bubbly personality brought a real energy to STE(A)M Truck. One of the first builds that Janelle encountered with STE(A)M Truck was the Brick Build. Students worked in crews with a Maker Mentor and were given various challenges. Janelle and her team built the second tallest brick tower, applying their knowledge of post and beam structures. Janelle was especially proud of the snake mascot that they built during their final challenge. 


A few days later, students were challenged to create a structure that would support a person and span a kiddie pool full of water... using only cardboard and duct tape. "I learned about the strength of a triangle and how using triangles in bridges makes them stronger." says Janelle. 


Janelle's class was then presented with five options for their Two Day Build. She chose to do Stop Motion Animation. She and her group created their very own LEGO Movie style animation. "It tricks your brain into thinking that still pictures are actually moving!"