The STE(A)M Team

Jason Martin

Executive Director

Domenic Liggett is the Operations Manager for Community Guilds, a role he describes as the MacGyver of the organization. "If you need if fixed, set up, made better, or created from scratch I'm your guy," says Domenic. "There isn't a problem I won't tackle, from laser cutters to automotive."  Domenic gets charged up by helping kids grow their self confidence. "It is very gratifying to be the one to show a child how to solder for the first time, how to measure and cut wood for the first time," said Domenic.  In his spare time, Domenic likes making things he's never made before, or helping others make whatever they want to make.

delia lopez

Artist in Residence



Artist in Residence

Keith Devries

Maker Mentor

Jamera Jones is an AmeriCorps Maker VISTA Member for STE(A)M Truck. Although very excited about this new opportunity to work in STE(A)M education, she has always had a passion for working with underprivileged youth. She is very excited to be working with the development of the organization and to be bettering the education of those in Atlanta.  She is an AmeriCorps and Washington State University alum. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is all about community building and hopes to continue doing community work throughout her future!

Julia hill

Maker of Things

Brandon is a helluva engineer from Georgia Tech with a degree in Polymer & Fiber Engineering and a career in logistics and industrial automation with additional experience in early childhood education.  He enjoys getting kids excited about science. In his free time he likes hiking with his dog, Akela, and riding his motorcycle.

Charlie Watts

Artist in Residence


Nadia Liggett

Program Manager


Nikki Starz

Artist in Residence


Artist in Residence

Ukejeh (U.K.) is a Mechanical Engineering Student at Georgia Tech. Through an outreach program at Tech he got his first experience working with Kids in STEM and absolutely loved it. He has learned how to operate several different machines through the coursework he has done, and is excited to help bring to life the ideas you and your kids have.

BC Cranford

STEM Designer


Maker Mentor

Laura lewis

Artist in Residence

Weatherly is a self-taught artist that plays in lots of mediums from paint to fabric to sculpture to miming! Ok, not miming.  She loves STE(A)M Truck for combining creative design thinking into traditionally STEM projects, putting the A(rt) in STE(A)M Truck!  Prior to working with STE(A)M Truck, Weatherly worked as an innovation consultant, and as an ESL teacher in South Korea.  In her spare time, Weatherly is busy trying ALL THE THINGS, from installation sculptures to movie making to studying languages, and she loves picking up new hobbies. See a redhead practicing Korean and learning taxidermy? That's probably her.

Laura Spears

STEM Designer

Sadly, Ms. Paloma was born a Muggle so she was not accepted into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is, however, a graduate with a B.S. in Bio-Medical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She especially loves to study the body’s response to injury and foreign objects.  She enjoys the color blue, playing violin, Indian food, and sleeping past 1 pm. Outside of school, she has tutored children from K-12 grade in every subject and college freshmen in Chemistry and Excel.

Diana Pitcher

STEM Designer


Scientist in Residence