Lamar is a 3rd grade student at a West Atlanta public school


He is interested in becoming an engineer when he's older, he hadn't considered engineering prior to STE(A)M Truck's visit to his school. When he and his class did the Cardboard Bridge Build challenge he got really excited about the science behind everyday structures.  


Given a choice of five different STE(A)M related activities, Lamar chose to learn about and create his own stop motion animation during the Two Day Build. He and two of his classmates made their very own wild west themed short film in less than an hour. 


The next part of Lamar's time with STE(A)M Truck was the Big Build. The Big Build is a five to seven day project that allows the young makers to invest themselves a little further into a project. Lamar and his group made a variety of candy products from scratch, branded them, and sold them at STE(A)M Truck's science-fair-style Share Day.